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Coaching For MLM Leaders : Conversations with the Greatest Coaches in the World
Category: eBooks
Author: John Milton Fogg
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What Would Your Business Look Like
If You Could Coach Your Team Like Bob Proctor. . .

"Discover The Secrets To Great Coaching and Learn To Build Leaders Within Your Group. . ."

Taken From A $2000 Dollar Per Head Coaching
Class - These Interviews Are Yours At a
Never Before Seen Price ...

You`ll get interviews With Richard Brooke, Brian Klemmer, Terri Levine, Carol McCall, Bob Proctor, Teresa Romain and Tom Schreiter. These sessions are informing, involving and inspiring. Each and every one a master coach and a coach of coaches.

John Fogg`s 147 page Coaching for MLM leaders eBook and the Special Reports below are what you need to learn in order to to effectively coach your team into a group of leaders. These products were created from the edited transcripts of live, interactive sessions of the $2000 Greatest Networker Mentor Coaching Program and is jammed packed with information you can apply today!

For a limited time, as a valued Prospex Community Member we are giving you this 147 page eBook and 4 Special Reports package for only $24.95 and yes, this comes with our 100% absolute money back guarantee.

With this package you`re getting the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 What is Coaching? by Chris Majer In this report you will learn that coaching is a unique type of relationship and communication. It is an interactive process intended to produce a shift in an individual or team`s performance; in its highest form, it can transform that performance.

Bonus #2 Changing Perceptions by Kurt Right will teach you that the energy we focus on our weaknesses-whether to shield them from other people`s view or to go in and dig them out by their roots-sets up a powerful "magnet like" attraction for problems, obstacles, mistakes and failue. There is a better way; This report will show you how.

Bonus #3 Coaching From Spirit by Sharon Wilson will teach you how to connect with your own inner guidance so that you can experience intuition-a connection to that part of your self that knows the answers, and from there, take inspired action. Coaching from spirit is about bringing the inner and the outer together.

Bonus #4 Listening! by Dr. Carol McCall will teach you that in coaching, you`re just like a prospector, digging for gold. Speaking and listening are your pick and shovel. Speaking is simple. It`s asking questions.

And when you`re really listening, you always know the best right questions. That`s why listening is the single most important tool a coach.

YES ! I want the incredible Coaching for MLM Leaders eBook as well as all the bonuses listed above!

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