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Todd Falcone Little Black Book Of Scripts
Category: CDs & DVDs
Author: Todd Falcone
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How This Stash of Scripts Took a Broke College Stoner Who Knew Absolutely ZERO about MLM or Network Marketing To Multi-Millionaire Status and Climbing!
And - How YOU can Use the Exact Same Words He Has Used for Years to Become a Master Prospector.
For the First Time Ever, Todd Falcone is Releasing His ENTIRE SCRIPT LIBRARY to the MASSES ( least those that are smart enough to pick this up before he decides to cut this offer for good.

Dear Entrepreneurial Friend,

I hear a lot of crap out there from different people saying things like "itís not what you say, itís only how you say it." Or, "You canít say the wrong thing to the right person." Heck...Iím sure I have even been guilty of saying similar things throughout my past.

When Am I Finally Going to Make it in this Business?

I used to ask myself that question all the time. Most people who hear me train, see me speak, or know who I am, donít really know all the "stuff" I went through to get where I am today.

Iíve worked incredibly hard to have all the things that I have today in my life. But...there was a time not too long ago, where I wondered if I was even cut out to do this as a profession.

I know EXACTLY what most people are going through on their way to achieving financial freedom in the profession of Network Marketing or Direct Selling. Why?

Itís pretty much all I have ever done for the past two decades.

You know what really "chaps my hide"? Trainers who claim to have made it big in network marketing and put out the false perception that they even know how to build, when theyíve never built a check in their entire life! Iím not a trainer. I am a network marketer who has decided to train.

I used to sweat profusely at my desk at the thought of picking up the phone and sounding like a nit-wit. My mouth would dry up like the desert every time my phone would ring from an ad call or prospect. I was scared to death.

My Little Black Book of Scripts...

Why in the world would you want to own this? Hereís why:

  • Have you ever had the thought of NOT knowing what to say on the phone and sounding like a fool?
  • Has your face ever blushed with embarrassment because you know you didnít sound like an expert?
  • Has the thought ever crossed your mind that your friends and family might mock you because you didnít make it in the company you were so excited to share with them?
  • Do you ever get sick to your stomach watching people around you, many who have far less talent than you cranking out big checks while you are going nowhere?
  • Ever sit at the phone and just stare at it so paralyzed with fear about what might happen if you were to make a dial?
  • Are you constantly spinning your wheels and producing little or no results?
  • Have you ever wanted someone to once and for all tell you and show you EXACTLY what to say to a prospect to get them to say "YES"?
  • You ever ask the same question I did? Am I even cut out for this network marketing stuff?

Every single one of those questions crossed my mind during my career as a network marketer.

I didnít want to be a failure, and I KNOW that you donít either!

That is why...FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, I am
releasing ALL of my scripts to the marketplace.
This is NOT YOUR ORDINARY Script Book.

Here`s a bit of what is covered in this extensive Script Library:

  • Types of Markets
  • Approaching the Warm Market
  • Warm Market Memory Jogger
  • Five Simple Steps to Success with your Warm Market
  • How to Guarantee that you are never part of the NFL
  • Warm Market Close Friend Business Script
  • Warm Market Close Family Member Business Script
  • Warm Market Distant Family Member or Friend Business Script
  • Warm Market "Up the Socio-Economic Chain" Business Script
  • The Money-Back Guarantee Product Script
  • The "I Know Youíll Love this" Product Script
  • Seven Strategies for Success in the Cold Market
  • Todd Falconeís Cold Lead Business Script
  • The 3-way Call to a Leader or Expert Script
  • The "Cold Lead, Wrong Contact" Script
  • The "Flipping Tele-Marketers" Script
  • Working with Agendas
  • Follow up Strategies
  • Six Strategies to Improve your Follow up
  • The "Prospect is There" Follow up Script
  • The "Prospect Didnít Show up But Iím Nice" Follow up Script
  • The "Iím a Little Irritated that you Didnít Show" Follow up Script
  • The "I Canít Believe How Irresponsible Someone Can Be" Follow up Script
  • Closing Strategies and Scripts
  • 60-Yard Recruiting Strategies and Scripts
  • Seven Simple Tips for Mastering the 60-Yard Rule
  • The "Bank/Post Office/Grocery Store 60-Yard Rule Script
  • The "Specific Trait" 60-Yard Rule Script
  • The "Server" 60-Yard Rule Script
  • How to Leave an Effective Voice Mail Message
  • The "Curiosity Generating" Voice Mail Message
  • The "Specific Reason" Voice Mail Message
  • The "Courtesy Call" Voice Mail Message
  • The "Bank Account Balance" Voice Mail Message
  • Recruiting Professionals Strategies and Scripts
  • Toddís Real Estate Professionals Script
  • Toddís Real Estate Professionals Script #2
  • The Mortgage Broker or Loan Officer Script
  • The Financial Planner or Stock Broker Script
  • The Outside Sales Professional Script
  • The Inside Sales Professional Script
  • The Managers and Directors Script
  • The Retail Sales and Customer Service Script
  • The "Curiosity Generating" Professionals Voice Mail Message
  • The "Financial Matter" Professionals Voice Mail Message
  • The "Long Version" Professional Voice Mail Message
  • Recruiting Network Marketers Strategies and Scripts
  • Recruiting Network Marketers Script #1
  • Recruiting Network Marketers Script #2
  • Funded Proposals Strategies and Scripts
  • Funded Proposal Phone Script
  • Other Useful Scripts
  • Conference Call Moderator Script
  • Toddís Personal Voice Mail Message
  • Toddís More Specific Voice Mail Message
  • The "Old DS" Super Posture Teaser Message
  • Toddís Go-To Teaser Message
  • Email and Letter Correspondence
  • Todd Falconeís Email Scripts
  • Short Introductory Email to Professionals # 1
  • Short Introductory Email to Professionals # 2
  • The "Short and Sweet" Email that Follows a Conversation
  • The "Longer, More Detailed" Email that Follows a Conversation
  • Todd Falconeís Snail Mail Scripts
  • Introductory Snail Mail to Professional
  • Introductory Letter with Enclosure
  • Toddís Lead Coding System
  • Tracking your Progress
  • Bonus Material
  • Connecting and Rapport Building Tips
  • Bonus Tips to Ensure your Success
  • Mastering the Art of the 3-Way Call

As you can see, there is a TON of information in this book. Plus...I back it all up by providing specific training on each script as I go page by page through the entire book and show you exactly how I would read each script.

"Wow! The your LBB is solid. Todd...that is by far one of the classiest, well-put together training programs I have ever seen." C. Williams, Seattle

"Dude! I just want to rub it all over me! Seriously, this book is the cream of the crop. I can`t believe how much value I got for my money...and I have barely dug in yet." W. Terrence, California

"Can you say...OMG!? You DO know what OMG stands for, don`t you Todd? If not...go Google it. I`m making everyone in my group pick this up." L. Hall, Illinois
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