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Rick Ling

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Prospex Author: Rick Ling


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About Rick Ling:

Welcome to my marketing list or blog, I am Rick Ling your normal average joe blow but am striving to earn whilst alseep and I know its possible the key to this network marketing is to never give up no matter what! Strive and strive for the ultimate goal you have for yourself and then move on to the next and so on. A bit like that football team trying for the finals then the grand final then winning in that order. So go for for goal, try and try again.

Here's to your success



Articles by Rick Ling
Title: The Pareto Principle
Author: Rick Ling

Today I want to talk about the famous Pareto principle, and how it

can actually save your business. ------- The Pareto principle, which is also called the 80-20 rule, states that for many events and things in life, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. For example, an Italian economist once observed that 80% of land in Italy was owned by 20% of the people. His name was Vilfredo Pareto, and that is where the principle got its name from. Another famous example: Microsoft once found that by eliminating 20% of the largest bugs in its operating system 80% of the crashes would stop.......................

Title: The Best Spinner going around at the moment and that says it all
Author: Rick Ling

What is The Best Spinner?

The Best Spinner is a unique software that can be used to rewrite or spin one unique article and produce hundreds of another unique version of that articles. This can be done in a matter of minutes with The Best Spinner.

Why Spin Articles?

To drive traffic and make money selling your products or service, unique article is like a puzzle that connects between one of them to your business, but unique original content has its own prices and its not cheap. The Best Spinner were created to aid this problem, saving lots of money and time. Create lots of unique spunned content in a matter of time without spending more money except for the software itself.

Title: Safe_Swaps a Safe Platform for all your Swaps and Solos in One Place
Author: Rick Ling

What is Safe-Swaps?

Safe-Swaps is one of the best list building system. You can easily find reliable joint venture partners and build your list quickly through ad swaps and solo mailings using Safe-Swaps. Simply said, the money is in the list and you can exchange list with Safe-Swaps.

How It Works

  1. Register for an account at Safe-Swaps
  2. Add your Swipes also known as advertising text
  3. Add your autoresponder or list size
  4. And you’re done

Finding Partner to Swap Lists

Safe-Swaps is a reliable and great service because it can filter out low quality results of the members based on many parameters. If the list label is green, that means the member is fully verified by Safe-Swaps.

Title: Here’s the “No_B.S. Truth about Starting your Own Online Business
Author: Rick Ling

It’s really hard.

It is not a get-rich-quick idea like many of us have heard. Those commercials we all have seen about people who work part-time and make more money in a month than they made in a year in their corporate cubicles – don’t tell you the story about how they got to that point.  They had to gain knowledge about effective marketing techniques, an unwavering desire and passion to succeed and have a willingness to put in the time and/or money needed to get the business off the ground.

Sounds like building a small brick-and-mortar business, eh?

Title: Innovative Ways to Market Your New Website
Author: Rick Ling

Your online business is subject to competition -- even more so than with brick-and-mortar businesses. The Internet is full of people wanting to cash in just like you are. Not every one of them has what it takes to succeed, and there’s more than a few strategies your most relevant competition wishes you don’t know and will never learn. SEO (Search-Engine Optimization) is the key to any successful online presence and your business is no exception. As the name implies, SEO optimizes your website for a great position -- or rank -- in search engine results.................

Title: How to Insert a Hyperlink into a Webpage
Author: Rick Ling

A hyperlink is a word, group of words or an image, which you can click on to jump to a new word document or just a new section within a current document. You can interact Microsoft word documents by including hyperlinks within the word documents.  With just a few clicks, you can select a phrase, word or even an image link to add to your website.

These are the steps to insert hyperlinks to your website. First, open the document in Microsoft word, in which you want to insert hyperlinks.  Select the text that you want to display as a hyperlink or you can put the cursor where you want the hyperlink to show up. You can drag text, etc. to select what you want to use to create a hyperlink to a website. Click on the insert hyperlink icon. A window will open that contains the main menu pages. There will be two links that appear at the top of the window stating file and other.

Title: Multilevel Internet Marketing – Incorporating a planned approach
Author: Rick Ling

People often try their luck with internet marketing solely with the objective of supporting their family with a few extra bucks that they hope to make from internet marketing. Many of them tend to quit because their approach was to make money quickly rather than learning the rules and ideas of multilevel internet marketing which requires a certain amount of time.  The multilevel internet marketing method gives you the advantage of making revenue not just with the sales but also from the sales generated by other people recruited by them.

Title: What Does It Take to Start Your Own MLM Business
Author: Rick Ling

Internet has taken over our personal and professional world, and given it a new dimension. With most things getting a technological edge to them, the world of marketing is not lagging behind. Web marketing has been around since quite some time, and what leads to its progress is the popularity and acceptability. These features combined with the low cost of maintenance tops the list why people are getting inclined towards online marketing.

MLM Multilevel Network Marketing has become the most revolutionizing factor in terms of online start ups as well as online marketing. With MLM one can start up a new venture in a matter of few minutes and also get evaluated based on their ideas and their practicality and user interface.......

Title: Is There a Complete MLM System That Runs on Autopilot
Author: Rick Ling

MLM Multilevel Network Marketing is the new age strategy for online marketing of your products and with time it has developed into a complex system involving a lot of people and new possibilities. The idea of starting up a very new venture is exciting and promising. One can always get a platform for new ideas using this feature and since the entire work is online, it uses minimum capitals on the work. MLM also has a facility where one can shift from being a mere distributor to an owner of the very next venture coming up on MLM. MLM Multilevel Network Marketing that can run on autopilot enhances the prospects and helps the owner cope up with a lot of people with ease and efficiency. Autopilot also enables various users who have minimal access to the business become a part of the entire venture. One can create a new blog and install links that will lead to the user defined site. Once a reader reads certain content on the blog and they click on a link, they are directed to the linked site where they can get answers to their queries or more information regarding the topics on the blog.......

Title: Passive Income through MLM Multilevel Network Marketing
Author: Rick Ling

Before you flip this page away at the mention of MLM Multilevel Network Marketing, the next five minutes might change your perspective if you have an open mind.

MLM has a role in the market place. This is a legitimate business that allows any individual to create an income by marketing products and services of a big company with all the support by the company. The main reason for networking marketing is to eliminate the cost of advertising and the middlemen in the distribution chain.

The concept of MLM Multilevel Network Marketing has been adopted by many big and respectable companies. This includes well known companies like Google, Apple,, Macy and AT&T. They recognized the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It is effective and cheaper than other form of paid advertising.   Read more........

Title: MLM Tips and Tricks for Newcomers
Author: Rick Ling

MLM Multilevel Network Marketing is a very good source of earning during these tough economic times of today. Although you will find tons of information on this topic, the purpose of this page is to act as a refreshing guide and revise all those essential tips for a successful career in MLM Multilevel Network Marketing. After all, there has to be a good reason why network marketing companies display sales figures running in billions of dollars............

Title: How to Get an MLM Website Designed the Best For You
Author: Rick Ling

If you are in to MLM Multilevel Network Marketing, chances are you have seen attractive websites on the internet that promote the same business opportunity that you are involved with. You might even want to create your own MLM website. If you thought creating an MLM website is hard, you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks to Wordpress and latest website editors! Creating an MLM website for Multilevel Network Marketing is a breeze these days. You just need to know a few things about how to do it yourself or get it done for you.........

Title: The Internet Junkie!!
Author: Rick Ling

Are you an Interent Junkie?? If you are on the net 24/7 or its more fun that anybody or your love life or girlfriend then you are definitely an Internet Junkie. Is the attraction or need to be on the net like wanting a cigarette, or even a beer.

Title: The Pro`s and Con of MLM Multi Network Marketing
Author: Rick Ling

Benefits and Drawbacks Involving MLM Multilevel Network Marketing


You should always go into MLM Multilevel Network marketing with precaution, but at the same time with an expectation and also an aim a goal and never give up no matter what.

Positives: Reasons Supportive Of MLM multilevel network marketing

1. There is money to be made... and a list of clients that should last a lifetime

2. Also income that works while you’re asleep...

Title: Becoming The Leader In MLM Multilevel Network Marketing
Author: Rick Ling

Mlm multilevel network marketing will offer an invaluable opportunity to do much more than pad your bank account.  Success in MLM demands that you work not only on lead generation, but on yourself.  Specifically, you must develop leadership qualities so that you can lead others and take others’ leads when called for.

Title: Prospecting Facts and Tips.
Author: Rick Ling

Prospecting facts and what it takes to get prospects and turn them into leads and then hopeful distributors!!  

Title: Ways to Find Leads.
Author: Rick Ling

About ways to find leads using social media(Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Ask.) and email autoresponder and calls, also some cool tips on this also some companies that provide leads but at a cost.


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