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The Money Making Power of Momentum
Submitted by: Kevin Latmore
Related Topic:  Business Management

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Momentum is this single most important force driving your business because of what it represents (positive success and accelerated continued growth). Before we get into the MLM or business side of momentum lets look at the Science of it.

The dictionary states that Momentum is described as:

  1. An impelling force or strength; “the car’s momentum carried it off the road”
  2. The product of a body’s mass and its velocity;. You see momentum is a force and can be used to gauge or analyze trends, Inertia and movement

Newton’s first law of motion states that “An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” Basically objects (your business) tend to “keep on doing what they’re doing.” So if you are slow and overly analytical your business will remain stagnant. If you are making sales, signing new people and making money (creating momentum) then your business would, could and should Continue to make sales, sign new people and generate money.

In our industry momentum refers to the speed with which your business is growing. This article will explain how you create it but in short it is done by quickly mastering the basics and repeating them over and over while teaching/directing others do the same. Companies usually enter a momentum phase around the $30 - $50 Million mark. Those who understand it know that at this level the company will soon see double and triple digit growth or basically $100 - $150 Million in new sales. At your standard MLM payouts of 55% - 80%, those are some Huge checks to paid out to the agents. On a personal level momentum is realized when your team starts doubling every month or two, or you have many people on your team simultaneously hitting bonuses and promotions. All of a sudden you have people in your downline in Wichita KS, Superstition Valley AZ and Branson MO. Also you have gone from knowing 9 out 10 on your team to not even recognizing 10%.

Here are some synonyms for momentum: drive, energy, force, impulse, power, propulsion, strength, thrust and velocity

Now wouldn’t it be awesome if that was how we described your business? Better yet if you had momentum in your business we could use those same words to describe the way your bank account grew daily, weekly and monthly. “Hey Jim are you making any money with that pyramid thing yet?” Yes Ralph my paychecks are growing with a lot of Energy, Thrust and Velocity.

One of the key concepts to understand is that, Momentum makes you look Better than you are when you have it and Worse than you are when you do not. In other words Momentum will mask your mistakes and deficiencies, while the lack of it will expose and magnify your shortcomings and failures to the world.

11 Important rules to Create and Maintain Momentum:

  1. It all starts with YOU - Don’t wait for anybody else to get going just do it. Ready - Fire - Aim
  2. Eliminate distractions and negative forces - You need to be 100% positive and Focused. If it doesn’t make Dollars then it doesn’t make Sense
  3. Do more of what Works and Stop what does not
  4. It may sound boring but true momentum is created by doing the BASICS over and over and over and then duplicating by teaching a large group of people to do the BASICS over and over and over

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About Kevin Latmore:

In just the past 6 years Kevin has used his laid back style to build a team of over 15,000 distributors in 22 different countries who have amassed organizational sales to over $20,000,000.00. Kevin has most notably helped 45 distributors exceed $10,000+ per month.

Please visit Kevin Latmore's Trainer page for more free articles, tele-classes and training material


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