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Prospex Frequently Asked Questions

Please reference the frequently asked questions and answers below before using the contact us form.

Question: What comissions do I earn for level x.
Answer: Please refer to our Prospex Affiliate Table

Question: Can I use the lead capture page.
Answer: Yes, your referral link uses the same referral id as referral link. ex: Your prospex referral link is This means your referral link is

Question: How do I invite others to the webinar and ensure I get the referral credit?
Answer: Use the page where ‘xxx’ is replaced with your affiliate id / site name. you’re referrals will have to register with Prospex before they can access the webinar registration link.

Question: If I upgraded after one of my affiliate’s upgraded do I get the commissions from that upgrade as an Epic Member (35%) ie: is the upgrade back dated.
Answer: No, you would be paid on your prior affiliate upgrades based on your membership level at the time of your affiliate upgrade. All future of your future affiliate upgrades would be paid as an Epic member.

Question: Where are all the training videos?
Answer: Under getting started in your back office.

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